STS Construction Board TG4 22mm is a unique A1 Fire Rated, Fibre Cement Floor board designed to be installed direct to joist, removing the need to overboard prior to finished floor surface. The heavy duty nature of this board enables it to be used in many construction applications both internally and externally such as: tile backing, screed board, fire protection and mezzanine flooring. With it being fibre cement it is not effected by weather/moisture so provides an ideal structural platform to work from, even if exposed to the elements. The High density 22mm fibre cement boards are fire and water resistance. They absorb heat efficently so are perfecting for overboarding directly over underfloor heating. They do not loose shape over time so no squeaky floors.

T&G on all 4 sides with unique design for easy fit
Easy to lay with minimal waste
Moisture & weather resistant
Frost resistant
TG4 results in less wastage
Class A1 fire rated
100% recyclable
Great thermal mass (enhances under floor heating systems)